For more than 140 years, Centurion Safety has been a trusted provider and UK manufacturer of safety equipment to various industries across the UK and worldwide. As you scroll down, you'll discover our storied history, spanning significant events like the Second World War, our involvement with motorcycling culture, and our recent strides in safety innovations. Delve into the essence of our values and unwavering dedication to cutting-edge safety products and rigorous testing. Likewise, explore the array of accolades, the dedicated team of employees, and our notable past projects that define who we are as a company.

Our Story

Uncover the heartbeat of our mission and unwavering commitment to protecting workers

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Embark on a journey through 140 years of history with us

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Learn about the core values that define and guide us on our journey

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Explore our accolades and achievements that reflect our commitment to excellence

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Case Studies

Dive into our compelling case studies, illustrating real-world examples of success and innovation

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Discover the impactful sponsorships that align with our values and contribute to meaningful initiatives

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Terms & Conditions

Review our terms and conditions for a comprehensive understanding of our policies and commitments

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