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At Centurion, we strive to design and offer solutions that ensure suitability with various tasks and potential hazards. Intuitive and compatible solutions will greatly enhance the user experience and, in turn, drive compliance. Our seasonal accessories have been designed to provide increased comfort for workers in the harshest conditions. 

ConceptAir Proban Hose Sleeve

ConceptAir Helmet/Visor Polycarbonate Visor

Vabon Sweatband Replacement

Nexus Liner

Strainer and Anchor Assembly (Unpowered FABA System)

Nevis Breathing Hose Assembly

ConceptAir Polycarbonate Visor c/w Velcro

ConceptAir Welding Sweatband

ConceptAir Welding Lenses

ConceptAir Visor Headpiece

ConceptAir Standard 850mm Spare Hose

Classic Belt

ConceptAir Visor PU Coated Nylon Face Seal

ConceptAir Welding Face Seal

ConceptAir Li-Ion Battery Pack

ConceptAir Battery Charger

ConceptAir Power Unit

4 Nevis Spare Inlet Gaskets

Nevis Spare Head Harness, Tabs & Lungs

Nevis Spare Visor & 2 Bayonets

Nevis Spare Bezel

Nevis Spare Valve/Seal Kit

Nevis Full Face Mask

Nevis Spare Endoskeleton

Nexus Clear and Smoke Integrated Eyewear Replacement

Vision Plus Clear Integrated Eyewear Replacement

Spectrum Clear and Smoke Integrated Eyewear Replacement

Headband Cradle Assembly – Terylene Ratchet Dry-Tech Sweatband

Headband Cradle Assembly – Terylene Ratchet With Dry-Tech Sweatband

PVC Wipeable Sweatband

Brushed Nylon Sweatband

Dry-Tech Premium Sweatband