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Keeping You Safe For Over A Century

For over 140 years, Centurion Safety has been at the forefront of head protection in the UK. From our humble beginnings in 1879, we’ve continually evolved, adapting to the changing needs of industries across the nation.

Our journey has taken us from the depths of coal mines to the heights of skyscrapers, and every step has been marked by innovation and dedication to safety.

As the leading experts in head protection, we’ve witnessed and embraced the transformation of workplaces over the decades. From traditional industries to cutting-edge technologies, Centurion Safety has remained a trusted partner, ensuring that workers are protected in every environment they face.

Centurion Protective headwear


E: Protect Nexus

Made from a sustainably-sourced polymer containing renewables, the “E:Protect Nexus” helmet represents our latest innovation in the field of environmental sustainability. The world’s most sustainable safety helmet on the market.



Nexus Helmet

Our “Nexus” helmet uses the latest technology in head protection to deliver a modern, lightweight helmet with incredible industrial versatility!



Concept Helmet

At the time, our “Concept” helmet was the lightest safety helmet on the market that still conformed to regular safety regulations.




Our iconic “Spartan” helmet quickly became the go-to hard hat of choice for many on-site industrial workforces across the nation when it was released in 1990.



Motorcycle Helmet

First injection moulded motorcycle helmet launched in 1973, by 1978 the “Sprint” was the biggest selling helmet in the UK.



Fibreglass Motorcycle Helmet

During the 1950s, we started pushing the boundaries of head protection for motorcyclists by moving from wood pulp helmets to fibreglass production methods.



Tank Helmet

The miner’s hat was later adapted for use during the Second World War – either for Allied tank groups, or for “manning” decoy gun emplacements!



Miner's Helmet

Our first mass-produced helmet was used by thousands of miners across the world… including global royalty!

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What We Do

No matter what industry you work in – construction, engineering, manufacturing or transportation – Centurion Safety offers a range of protective equipment that will work for you. From helmets, bump caps to hearing and respiratory equipment, we’re able to cater to customers across a wide variety of industries world-wide, making sure that workers are using equipment that goes beyond compliance while also offering them maximum comfort.

Our products use cutting-edge research and technology to champion next-level performance and comfort. For example, we used stress-tested ABS materials, combined with innovative Dry-Tech technology, to create our multi-award-winning Nexus Core helmet in 2016 – crafting the perfect balance between style and substance.

Two Centurion Safety staff members standing Infront of the Centurion manufacturing facility building.

Why We Do It

At Centurion Safety, we’re passionate about keeping people safe at work. Whether working on the buildings of the future or maintaining our vital infrastructure, we believe our customers deserve to be protected at every turn.

That’s why we work directly with them to design and develop every product we make – because true integrated head protection means understanding the day-to-day risks and concerns of every industry. Protecting above the neck means protecting every bit of it!

This passion informs everything we do. We never strive for the easy way out, and we don’t build products to the minimum of safety standards. Integrated head protection from Centurion Safety goes above and beyond – it’s the least we can do!

Two Centurion Safety staff members standing Infront of the Centurion manufacturing facility building.

Centurion Values

With almost a century and a half of continued excellence under our belt, you might wonder how Centurion continues to thrive in the competitive safety industry. The answer is simple: a strong dedication to our core values, which champion the amazing innovators at the heart of our company, and focus on long-term quality over all. So, what are Centurion’s core values, and why are they so important to us?

Safety First

Nothing matters to us more than safety, both in our products and our ways of working. Over the years, we’ve only managed to achieve our incredible growth because we keep safety close to our heart, rigorously testing every new product or material to make sure they go above and beyond safety compliance and provide a totally protective experience. Meanwhile, we make sure that our staff always feel safe in the workplace, providing multiple benefits to reduce both mental and physical stress.

Progressive Thinkers

We use our creativity to make positive changes and constantly develop. Our history is filled with innovations – for example, we completed one of the first mass-produced helmets for miners, and the “Sprint” became the best-selling motorcycle helmet in the UK by 1978. That’s because we’re always looking for the next great ideas, and our R&D department is always challenging themselves to find the best solutions to life’s most difficult problems.


We make sure that all of our development staff are experts in their fields, because we believe a trustworthy and dependable product can only be made by people who embody those values in their work. A career at Centurion means joining a tight-knit team who rely on each other to deliver the very best, no matter the situation. That’s why we’re always reliable; you can count on us like we count on each other.

Celebrating Differences

You can’t innovate if you can’t celebrate differences. A diversity of opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds means that we’re constantly challenging ourselves and our ideas, to make sure we’re always moving forward – never stuck in the past. We celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and value each other’s different viewpoints.